Event: Disputing/dispute-settling, Hostility, Insulting, Invasion, Seizure of landRobert 5.hostility towards Godwine 51

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Description On becoming the Archbishop, Robert 5 began to provoke and oppose the earl [Godwine 51]. And since he stood with the king through the reverence due to his supreme rank as his principal counselor [of Edward 15], he often attacked Godwine 51 with schemes, and when he found him deserted by fortune vexed his with not a few injuries. However, that certain lands of the earl ran with some that belonged to Christ Church served to direct the hostile movements into a cause in which right was on the bishop's side. There were also frequent disputes between them, because he said that Godwine 51 had invaded the lands of his archbishopric and injured him by keeping them to his own use. ... The injury to the earl tormented some of his vassals, and, had he not forbidden it, they would often have punished the bishop [Robert 5] with serious insults.
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