Event: Exile, Horse-using/giving/acquisition/riding, Hospitality, Journey, Message-sending, Pursuit, military, ResidenceGodwine 51.exile in Flanders

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Description When Godwine 51 saw that, through Robert 5's prompting, Edward 15 made reconciliation impossible, he pushed away the table in front of him (while Bishop Stigand 1, who had been the sorrowful bearer of the message, wept abundantly) and mounting horse rode hard for Bosham-on-Sea. Forced into banishment, he got ships there, and prayed to God to guide his life and way on sea and in this exile, as he had been faithful to his lord, King Edward 15, and guiltless of all those things that had caused these hatreds. And with his wife [Gytha 1] and children he came to his destination, to that old friend of the English people, Count Baldwin 4. Meanwhile Robert 5 went from the king's palace with a large force of soldiers in pursuit of Godwine 51 all night.
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