Event: Hostility, Marital desertion/separation/repudiationEadgyth 3.separation from Edward 15

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Description In order that not a single member of the earl's [Godwine 51] family should remain at king [Edward 15's] side, Robert 5 used every device to secure that even the queen [Eadgyth 3] herself, the earl's daughter, should be separated from the king, against the law of the Christian religion. Although the king did not reject this scheme, he nevertheless curbed the divorce proceedings, alleging the honourable pretext that she was to wait the subsidence of the storms over the kingdom in the monastery of Wilton, where she had been brought up. And so, with royal honours and an imperial retinue, but with grief in heart, she was brought to the walls of Wilton convent, where for almost a year in prayer and tears she awaited the day of salvation. Such grief deeply moved and wounded the crowd of courtiers, for she was in all the royal counsels.
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