Event: Advice/counsel, Assembly, Meeting, Reconciliation, Restoration to officeGodwine 51.restoration in 1052

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Description Godwine 51 came into the presence of Edward 15 and immediately cast away his weapons and threw himself at his feet, and begged as a suppliant that he would grant him permission to purge himself of the crime, with which he was charged, and bestow the peace of his favour on him when cleared. The king was constrained both by his mercy and the satisfaction offered by the earl - who in any case appeared much superior in arms, if he chose to use them. So Edward 15 returned them their arms and entered the palace with the earl. There he gradually calmed the boiling tumult of his peace, and, with the advice of his witan, gave the earl the kiss of peace, condoled all offences, and also granted his full favour both to him and all his sons.
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