Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Culting/venerating saint(s), Pallium-despatch/receipt/request, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilege, PilgrimageTosti 2-Judith 2-Gyrth 1.pilgrimage to Rome

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Description [Tosti 2], with fruitful purpose, crossed the Channel with his fortunate wife [Judith 2] and his younger brother, Gyrth 1, and travelled to Rome through Saxony and the upper reaches of the Rhine. And what tongue or what words could properly tell with what devotion and generosity he worshipped on the outward and return journey each saint's shrine? At Rome he was received with fitting honour by Pope Nicholas 2, and at his command sat in the very synod of Rome immediately next to him. There had come, however, in his party Ealdred 37, bishop of Worcester, who had just then been presented with the archbishopric of York by the most holy king Edward 15, so that at Rome he could both plead the business which the king had entrusted him and also obtain the use of the pallium.
Year 1061
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