Event: Capture, Freeing captives, Interrogation, Pilgrimage, Plundering, Restoration of land/property, Service, Theft/attempted theftGospatric 1.saving Tosti 2 from robbers in Italy

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Description Tosti 2 and his party, joined by Giso 1 and Walter 2, left Rome together and on the same day fell among thieves; and, robbed and plundered, some even to nakedness, they were compelled to turn back again. On that occasion a young man named Gospatric 1, a kinsman of King Edward 15, a knight who accompanied Earl Tosti 2 on his journey, bore himself courageously in his service to his lord. For as he rode clad in garments suited to his rank in the very van of the pilgrims, he was asked by the robbers which of them was Earl Tosti 2. Realizing immediately what was their trade, he said that he was, and signalled as best as he could to the earl to ride away. He was believed because of the luxury of his clothes and his physical appearance, which was indeed distinguished; and so he was taken away, in vain hope indeed, with the rest of the booty. When, however, he thought the earl far enough away to be safe, during his interrogation on various matters he confessed in the end that he was not the man they though they had captured. Although when the robbers first understood the case they put his life in jeopardy, finally, however, some of them treated his behaviour more generously, and not only was he allowed to depart, but, marked with these soldiers' great esteem and praise, and restored to possession of his own things, he was escorted back in peace, followed by the good wishes of all.
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