Event: Absolution, Advice/counsel, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of archbishop, Blessing, Grant and Gift, Journey, Pallium-despatch/receipt/request, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilege, Restoration to bishopricEaldred 37.restoration in episcopal status

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Description When Tosti 2's party returned in confusion and distress [having been robbed], sorrowful compassion was felt in Rome; and the lord pope [Nicholas 2], afraid most of all of an attack from so famous an earl, and calling to mind especially the bishop [Ealdred 37's] free confession and his humble acceptance of the mortification which they had inflicted by degrading him, and advised by the Roman fathers that important persons should not depart from the holiness of St Peter in such distress, both pillaged and embarrassed, made all rejoice by reinstating the bishop and giving him the honour of the pallium. The earl he soothed with loving words and, especially, with great gifts taken from the bounty of St Peter; and then let him and all his men depart in peace, enriched by the apostolic absolution and benediction. And when they had journeyed home across the great distances of the intervening countries and ocean, all England rejoiced.
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