Event: Building construction/restoration, Church-adornment, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Culting/venerating saint(s)Eadgyth 3.building of the church in Wilton

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Description The queen [Eadgyth 3] was drawn to emulate the [building project of Edward 15 in Westminster]. She instantly imitated the king's love with her own, and demonstrated her own heart's devotion for the holy church in he place of her up-bringing. For at Wilton at that time, although there was a convent of the maidens of Christ, a choir, too, of the greatest antiquity, and her namesake saint, adequately housed, was worshipped there - Eadgyth 4, from whose stock King Edward 15 himself was descended - the church was still of wood. Benignly she planned this [rebuilding] herself and began here royally to build a monastery in stone. Impetuously she urged the workmen to make haste. The prudent queen's building, because it was more modestly planned [than that in Westminster], was completed more quickly.
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