Event: Assembly, Burning, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restorationEadgyth 3.dedication of the church in Wilton

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Description In having a speedy dedication [of the new church in Wilton] performed the woman blessed by God [i.e. Eadgyth 3] would suffer no delay. Indeed, she warned in advance Herman 2, the famous and well-educated bishop of the diocese [of Wiltshire], for this task, and prepared most earnestly all the things that would be required on the appointment day for the ceremony. However, a short time before the appointed day, devil set fire to the town, and all that had been prepared there, together with almost all the houses, except for this church, was burned in one vast conflagration. But this did not affright this faithful woman's mind, nor did it deter her from completing the divine project she had planned. She made haste with other preparations of even greater splendour, and, with a multitude of bishops, abbots, monks, and clerks and a concourse of all the faithful, she devoutly performed the ceremony of dedication. The consecration of this church in honour of St Benedict [was] performed in the year 1065.
Year 1065
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