Event: Advice/counsel, Defence, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, Intercession/mediation, PrayingEdward 15.illness

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Description Seeing that he cannot overcome the Northern rebels and that Tosti 2 will have to leave, Edward 15 fell ill, and from that day until the day of his death he bore a sickness of the mind. He protested to God with deep sorrow, and complained to Him, that he was deprived of the due obedience of his men in repressing the presumption of the unrighteous; and he called down God's vengeance upon them. The queen [Eadgyth 3] was, on the one hand, confounded by the quarrel of her brothers [Harold 3 and Tosti 2], and, on the other, bereft of all support by the powerlessness of her husband, the king. And when her counsels came to nought, she plainly showed her foreboding of future evils by her tears. And when she wept inconsolably, the whole palace went into mourning. For when misfortunes had attacked them in the past, she had always stood as a defence, and had both repelled all the hostile forces with her powerful counsels and also cheered the king and his retinue.
Year 1065
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