Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Healing, Hospitality, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, Medical treatment/sick-care/cautery, MiracleEdward 15.healing of Anonymous 10057 from regium morbum

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Description A certain young woman [Anonymous 10057], already provided with a husband [Anonymous 10058], but gladdened with no fruit of the marriage, had an infection of the throat and of glands. These had so disfigured her face with an evil-swelling disease that she could scarcely speak to anyone without great embarrassment. She was advised in a dream that if she were washed in water by King Edward 15 she would be cured. She then, with the certainly of faith, revealed the dream's instructions. And when the king heard of it, he did not disdain to help the weaker sex, for he had the sweetest nature, and was always charming to all suitors. A dish of water was brought; the king dipped in his hand; and with the tips of his fingers he anointed the face of the young woman [Anonymous 10057] and the places infected by the disease. He repeated this action several times, now and then making the sign of the cross. Those diseased parts that had been treated by the smearing of the king softened and separated from the skin; and, with the pressure of the hand, worms together with pus and blood came out of various holes. Again the good king [Edward 15] kneaded with his holy hand and drew out the pus. Nor did he shrink from enduring the stench of the sick woman until with his healing hand he had brought out all that noxious disease. Then he ordered her to be fed daily at the royal expense until she should be fully restored to health. And hardly had she been at court a week, when, all foulness washed away, the grace of God moulded her with beauty. And she, who formerly through this or some other sickness had been barren, in that year became pregnant by the same husband [Anonymous 10058], and lived henceforth happily enough with all around her.
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