Event: Church-going, Healing, Liturgical celebration, Miracle, PrayingEdward 15.healing of blind Anonymous 10059

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Description A certain blind man [Anonymous 10059] was going about claiming that he had been advised in sleep, that if his blind face were washed in the water with which the king rinsed his hands, he would both overcome the blindness and restore his lost sight. When Edward 15 heard of this from his domestic servants [Anonymi 10040], at first he contradicted them and blamed them for believing it to be true. But when they demanded urgently that he should not resist God's will, he courteously agreed. It was then the day of the vigil of the festival of All Saints, when the king, having made his morning ablutions, entered the chapel. Meanwhile his servant washed the blind man [Anonymous 10059] with the same water, and conducted him after the king into the house of prayer. When the king left after the canonical offices had been solemnly sung in honour of all saints, word was brought to him by his domestics that he who was blind now saw. The king, with pious curiosity, came unto him in the chapel, and, calling [Anonymous 10059] to him, inquired whether he could indeed see. This man began to affirm and gave thanks to God. Edward 15 tested him three times, and when he considered the man to be sufficiently examined, he went forward for a little while to pray; and, having thrice bowed his knee before the altar, he gave thanks to God and entrusted the man to Anonymi 10040 to be maintained as long as he lived at the royal charge. [Anonymous 10059] lived for a long time at court, a witness to the virtue that he had received by the glory of God.
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