Event: Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Medical treatment/sick-care/cautery, ProphecyEdward 15.deathbed vision

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Description On his deathbed Edward 15 had a vision of two monks, whom he used to know in Normandy as a young man, who foretold that God would deliver the kingdom of England into the hands of the enemy in a year for the sins of the earls, bishops, abbots and monks. When those who were present had heard these words - that is to say, the queen [Eadgyth 3], who was sitting on the floor warming his feet in her lap, her full brother, Earl Harold 3, and Robert 14, the steward of the royal palace and a kinsman of the king, also Archbishop Stigand 1 and a few more whom the blessed king when roused from sleep had ordered to be summoned - they all were sore afraid. And while all were stupefied and silent from the effect of terror, the archbishop himself, who ought to have been the first either to be afraid or to give a word of advice, with folly at heart whispered in the ear of the earl [Harold 3] that the king was broken with age and disease and knew not what he said. But the queen, and those who had been wont to know and fear God in their hearts, all pondered deeply the words they had heard, and understood them quite otherwise, and correctly.
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