Event: Bequeathing/will-making, Commendation, Death/dying, Oath-swearing/fealty, SpeechEdward 15.last words

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Description [Edward 15] addressed his last words to the queen [Eadgyth 3], who was sitting at his feet, in this wise: 'May God be gracious to this my wife for the zealous solicitude of her service. For certainly she has served me devotedly, and has always stood close to my side like a beloved daughter. And so from the forgiving God may she obtain the reward of eternal happiness.' And stretching forth his hand to his governor, her brother, Harold 3, he said: 'I commend this woman and all the kingdom to your protection. Serve and honour her with faithful obedience as your lady and sister, which she is, and do not despoil her, as long as she lives, of any due honour got from me. Likewise, I also commend those men who have left their native land for love of me, and have up till now served me faithfully. Take from them an oath of fealty, if they should so with, and protect and retain them, or send them with your safe conduct safely across the Channel to their own homes with all that they have acquired in my service. Let the grave for my burial be prepared in the minster in the place which shall be assigned to you. I ask that you do not conceal my death, but announce it promptly in all parts, so that all the faithful can beseech the mercy of Almighty God on me, a sinner'. Now and then he also comforted the queen, who ceased not from lamenting, to ease her natural grief.
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