Event: Alms-giving, Burial, Liturgical celebrationEdward 15.burial

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Description Then could be seen in the dead body [of Edward 15] the glory of a soul departing to God. For the flesh of his face blushed like a rose, the adjacent beard gleamed like a lily, his hands, laid out straight, whitened, and were a sign that his hole body was given not to death but to auspicious sleep. And so the funeral rites were arranged at the royal cost and with royal honour, as was proper, and amid the boundless sorrow of all men. They bore his holy remains from his palace [at Westminster] into the house of God, and offered up prayers and sighs and psalms all that day and the following night. Meanwhile, when the day of the funeral ceremony dawned, they blessed the office of the interment they were to conduct with the singing of masses and the relief of the poor. And so, before the altar of St Peter the Apostle, the body, washed by his country's tears, is laid up in the sight of God. They also caused the whole of the thirty days following to be observed with the celebration of masses and the chanting of psalms, and expended many pounds of gold for the redemption of his soul in the alleviation of different classes of the poor.
Year 1066
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