Event: Advice/counsel, Assembly, Law-making/legislationIne 1.law making

Scholarly Info
Description Ine 1, with the advice and instruction of his father, Cenred 1, and his bishops, Hædde 2 and Eorcenwald 1, along with his ealdormen [Anonymi 722] and the chief councillors [Anonymi 723] of his kingdom, and also a great assembly of the servants of God [Anonymi 724] inquired about the salvation of their souls and about the security of the kingdom, that true law and true statutes might be established and strengthened throughout their people, so that none of the ealdormen [Anonymi 722] or Ine 1's subjects might afterwards pervert these decrees
Year 688 x 694
Primary Source Info
Original Text Ic Ine, mide Godes gife Wesseaxna kyning, mid geðeahte and mid lare Cenredes mines fæder and Heddes mines biscepes and Eorcenwoldes mines biscepes, mid eallum munim ealdormonnum and þæm ieldstan witum minre ðeode and eac micelre gesomnunge Godes ðeowa, w

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