Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Expulsion, Journey, Message-sending, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilegeTheodore 1-Wilfrid 2.conflict

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Description Theodore 1 expelled Wilfrid 2 wrongfully, and Wilfrid 2 appealed to the pope of Rome, Agatho 2, after being buffeted by many dangers. His appeal was couched in moderate terms: he wished neither to bring charges against the pope's nominee, nor yet to allow his own innocence to be imperilled. these are the words of his memorandum to the pope: 'How has it come about that Theodore 1 should, while I yet lived, in the see which I controlled, ordain three bishops on his own authority, without the consent of any bishop, and against my humble wishes?' Wilfrid 2 was on this occasion adjudged innocent by the Roman council and sent back to his see. But he did not carry his point, thanks to the strong measures of King Ecgfrith 4, particularly as Theodore 1 either purposely obstructed him or let things take their course without interfering. This is also backed up and supported by the letter which Agatho 2 sent to the sixth synod assembled at Constantinople: 'We are hoping to join with our humble self Theodore 1 from Britain, our fellow servant and fellow bishop, archbishop of the great island of Britain, and a lover of wisdom; and this is why we have delayed this council up until now.'
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