Event: Archiepiscopal see - division, Correspondence, Episcopal see, acquisition/institution/division/merge, Hostility, Pallium-despatch/receipt/requestOffa 7-Jænberht 1.hostility

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Description Offa 7 king of the Mercians quarrelled with the people of Kent and tried to rob Jænberht 1 of his primacy. At the same time, in his concern to give the realm of the Mercians the distinction of an archbishopric, he communicated with Pope Hadrian 3 by letters, with which, perhaps, went bribes, and prevailed upon him, against all precedent, to mark out the bishop of Lichfield with a pallium and subordinate to him all the bishops of the Mercians (their names were Deneberht 1 of Worcester, Werenberht 1 of Leicester, Eadwulf 7 of Sidnacester, Wulfheard 5 of Hereford), together with two bishops of the East Angles, Ealhheard 1 of Elmham and Tidfrith 1 of Dunwich. The bishop of Lichfield was also called Ealdwulf 13. (Of the bishoprics some have been moved, like Elmham to Norwich, some merged with others, like Dunwich with Norwich, while some no longer exist, like Leicester and Sidnacester.) But the archbishop of Canterbury retained four bishops, London, Winchester, Rochester, and Selsey. This unsatisfactory situation prevailed throughout the tenure of Jænberht 1, though he spared no expense or trouble to press the rights of his see and stamp on the greed of the usurpers.
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Not clear who this Eadwulf of Sidnacester is. Sidnacester, which William of Malmesbury thought of as the seat of the bishops of Lindsey, has been variously identified with Caistor, Horncastle, Louth, Stow St Mary (Lincolnshire), and Lincoln itself.

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