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Description Will of Ketel 4, including bequests of land at Sisted, Essex, to Christ Church, Canterbury; at Harling, Norfolk, to Archbishop Stigand 1; the reversion of land at Great Melton, Norfolk, to St Benedict's at Holme and at Thorpe near Fundenhall, Norfolk, to Bury St Edmund's, after the deaths of Ketel 4 and his uncle, Wulfric 74; land at Ketteringham, Norfolk, to his sister Bote 1, if she outlive him (if not, he is to have the land at Somerledetone [Somerton or Somerleyton, Suffolk]); land at Walsingham in East Carlton, Norfolk, to his sister Gode 4, if she outlive him (if not, he is to have the land at Preston, Suffolk); land at Hainford, Norfolk, and Coggeshall, Essex, to his brother Godric 35, and also land at Strattune (? Stratton Strawless, Norfolk), on payment of two pounds to Ælfwig 24, Ketel 4's servant; the reversion of land at Onehouse, Suffolk, to Bury St Edmunds, after the deaths of Ketel 4 and his stepdaughter, Ælfgifu 22; the half estate at Moran, Norfolk, to Earl Harold 3; land at Frating, Essex, according to an agreement made by (? Earl Harold 3) and Archbishop Stigand 1; land at Rushford, Suffolk, to Ælfric 140, his priest and kinsman.
Year 1052 x 1066
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Here in this document is Ketel 4's will: namely, that I grant Stisted to Christchurch after my time, for the sake of my father's [Anonymous 10070] soul and for Sæflæd 1's. And it is my will that all my men shall be free, and that my reeve, Mann 8, shall occupy the free land which I have given over into his possession, for ever freely during his life, and after his death that estate is to go with the other. And I grant to the church the land which Wihtric 1 had in his possession, and Leofwine 80 and Siric 5 and Goding 8, to where the fence reaches Leofric 69's hedge; and [I enjoin] that no one shall refuse him egress. And I desire that all the men to whom I grant freedom shall have all things which are in their possession except the land. And I grant to Archbishop Stigand 1, my lord, the estate at Harling just as it stands, except that the men shall al be free, and that I grant ten acres to the church. And if I do not come back again, I grant to him as my heriot a helmet and a coat of mail and a horse with harness and a sword and a spear. And I desire that in accordance with the agreement Edwin 40 and Wulfric 74 shall after my time succeed to everything which is mine everywhere in the village, except so much as I grant to the church; namely, the land let for services which my man Ælfwald 69 holds; and he is to occupy the other during his lifetime. And afterwards all the land which comes into his possession is to go with the other to the church. If Edwin 40 my uncle will maintain the partnership with me and my uncle Wulfric 74 with regard to the estate at Melton, if we outlive him we are to succeed to the estate at Thorpe, on condition that after the death of both of us, the estate at Melton shall go to St Benedict's at Holme, for our ancestors' souls and for our own souls: and the estate at Thorpe to Bury St Edmunds. And this is the agreement between me and my sister Bote 1: if I end my life before her, that she is to succeed to the estate at Ketteringham and a mark of gold or the equivalent: and if I outlive her, then I shall have the land at Somerleyton. And my sister Gode 4 and I have made a similar agreement: if she survive me, she is to take possession of the estate at Walsingham, except ten acres which are to go to the church: and if I live longer than she, then I shall have the estate at Preston. And I grant to my brother Godric 35 the estate at Hainford just as it stands in my possession, and Coggeshall. And for the land at Stratton (?) he shall give Ælfwig 24 my servant two pounds. And I and my stepdaughter Ælfgifu 22 have made an agreement about the estate at Onehouse that whichever of us shall live the longer, is to have as much land as the two of us have there. And if death befall us both on the way to Rome, the estate is to go to Bury St Edmunds for me and for Sæflæd 1 and for Ælfgifu 22, but the men are all to be free. And I grant to Earl Harold 3 after my time the half estate at Moran, as fully and completely as I rightfully acquired it with my wife [Anonymous 10071] in the witness of God and many men: and I have since neither lost it by lawsuit (?) nor forfeited it. And I beseech you by the Lord who created you and all creatures, that if I do not come back, you will never let it be possessed after my time by my enemies who wrongfully occupy it and make use of it to my continual injury. And I grant the estate at Frating according to the agreement which you yourself and Archbishop Stigand 1 my lord made. And I grant to Ælfric 140, my priest and relation, the estate at Rushford. And if anyone be so foolish as to wish to detract from my will, may God and all his saints destroy him on the Day of Judgment.

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