Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiasticalLanfranc 1.council of London

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Description In 1075 there was assembled in London in the church of the apostle St Paul a council of the entire district of England, composed of bishops, abbots, and many persons in religious orders. It was ordered and presided over by Lanfranc 1, archbishop of the holy church of Canterbury and primate of the whole island of Britain; and there sat with him venerable persons: Thomas 2 archbishop of York, William 2 bishop of London, Walkelin 1 of Winchester, Herman 2 of Sherborne, Wulfstan 55 of Worcester, Walter 2 of Hereford, Giso 1 of Wells, Remigius 1 of Dorchester or Lincoln, Herfast 1 of Elmham or Norwich, Stigand 5 of Selsey, Osbern 8 of Exeter, and Peter 10 of Lichfield.
Year 1075
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