Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of archbishop, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Conversion, Death/dying, Deposition of bishop, Expulsion, Miracle, Mission/mission-sending, Pallium-despatch/receipt/request, ProphecyPaulinus 1.ecclesiastical career

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Description [Paulinus 1] was (we are told) a Roman by birth, one of the men sent by St Gregory 1 to serve the Word in England. Archbishop Justus 1 ordained him bishop and appointed him to evangelize the Northumbrians. He summoned the reluctant Edwin 2 to the faith by confronting him with a miracle which God had in his mercy once sent to the king, and which the spirit of prophecy now put into Paulinus 1's mind. He received the pallium from Pope Honorius 2, and consecrated Honorius 1 archbishop of Canterbury to follow Justus 1. After winning much booty from the Devil among the northern people, he was forcibly turned out of his see by enemy action, and returned to Kent. It was then that he took over the rule of the church of Rochester, for this holy priest was favoured and solicited by Archbishop Honorius 1 and King Eadbald 2. He took on what in their charity his brethren suggested, and, after contenting himself of a while with this inferior post, went the way of all flesh at the due time, nineteen years, two months and twenty-one days after he was ordained to York.
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