Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Invasion, Raiding, RetirementPutta 1.ecclesiastical career

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Description Theodore 1 appointed bishop of Rochester Putta 1, a man as fit for the ease of the church life as he was dull and lazy in lay business. In the end, after frequently thinking of retiring from his bishopric while all was perfectly peaceful, he was happy to embrace the excuse of injury from an enemy. For Æthelred 2 king of the Mercians, inflamed by some insolent reply from the king of Kent, was putting his whole realm to fire and sword, and he had devastated all the lands of the bishopric of Rochester. Putta 1 took this misfortune calmly, and repaired to Seaxwulf 1 bishop of the Mercians. By his generosity he obtained a country church and a small estate, where he lived out his live in peace, conduction public instruction in church music wherever he was asked to go.
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