Event: Appointment - ecclesiastical, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of archbishop, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Education/teaching, Expulsion, Grant and Gift, Miracle, Monastic life, converting to/joining/oblation, Monastic reform, Tomb-making/opening, Tonsuring∆thelwold 1.ecclesiastical career

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Description ∆thelwold 1's parents were from Winchester, neither poor nor ill-bred. He was educated at the court, becoming a favourite of ∆thelstan 18's. He was tonsured as a cleric by ∆lfheah 19, and later given the cowl as monk by Dunstan 1 abbot of Glastonbury, soon becoming its dean. Dunstan 1 saw a vision concerning ∆thelwold 1's brilliant future, and so did his mother, Anonymous 679, wile was pregnant with him. ∆thelwold 1 craved stricter life but was kept at home by King Eadred 16, thanks to the king's mother Eadgifu 4. He was given the house of Abingdon. When Dunstan 1 became archbishop, ∆thelwold 1 was chosen by King Edgar 11 to be bishop of Winchester. He drove clerics out of New Minster for their sins and introduced monks instead. St Swithhun 5 commanded him in vision to open his tomb in the Old Minster, and showed his benevolence towards ∆thelwold 1 through miracles. ∆thelwold 1 himself worked many miracles in his lifetime.
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