Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of archbishop, Ascetic practices/fasting/resisting temptation, Burial, Death/dying, Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation, Exhumation, Imprisonment, Journey, Martyrdom, Miracle, Monastic life, converting to/joining/oblation, Pallium-despatch/receipt/request, Relics-incorrupt preservation/placing in reliquary/requesting/translatingÆlfheah 44.ecclesiastical career

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Description Æthelwold 1 was succeeded by Ælfheah 44. He took habit at Deerhurst and then moved to Bath, were he shut himself up in a private cell and thought of the divine, receiving visions. When the bishop of Winchester died, Dunstan 1 put Ælfheah 44 in his throne. He elevated Æthelwold 1's bones twelve years after his death. After twenty-two years as bishop, he was moved to Canterbury, against his will, they say. He had to go to Rome and received the pallium from the pope, performing miracles on the way. When the Danes arrived, he was first imprisoned for seven months, then stoned to death and buried at St Paul's in London. Nine years later, at the orders of King Cnut 3 and in his presence, is body was exhumed and found incorrupt.
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