Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Deposition of archbishopWilfrid 2.elevation to the see of York

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Description Wilfrid 2 was chosen to fill the see of York, and sent by King Aldfrith 1 [more likely by Ealhfrith 1], son of King Oswiu 1, to Gaul for consecration. While he dallied overseas, King Oswiu 1 foisted Chad 1 on the throne of York. Chad 1 was very holy, but his election was illegal. The wrong was set right when Theodore 1 was sent from the papal see to be archbishop of Canterbury: Chad 1 was removed, and Wilfrid 2 put on the throne.
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William seem to have confused Aldfrith 1 with his elder half-brother, Ealhfrith 1.

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