Event: Education/teaching, Fostering, Journey, PatronageWilfred 2.education in England

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Description Wilfrid 2 ran the course of his childhood without education. But at the age of 14, loathing his overbearing stepmother [Anonymous 122] (his own mother [Anonymous 121] having died), he left his father's [Anonymous 125] home. He was then brought to the notice of Queen Eanflęd 1. On learning about this dream to become a monk, she passed Wilfrid 2 over to one Cudda 2, who had been a senator and royal chamberlain but was now proposing to enter the religious life at Lindisfarne. He looked after Wilfrid 2 kindly for some years, and then returned him to the queen. Wilfrid 2 then was sent to Rome to improve his education.
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