Event: Adoption, spiritual, Affection, Education/teaching, Introduction, Journey, Killing/murderWilfrid 2.adventures on the Continent

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Description Eanflęd 1 recommended Wilfrid 2 to the personal attention of Eorcenberht 1 king of Kent, her uncle [Eadbald 2's] son. So he arrived in Canterbury and increased his knowledge. A year later, he was attached by the king to the company of an energetic young man, Biscop 2, later abbot of Monkwearmouth, and with him sped on his way to Rome. Arrived at Lyon, he won over the archbishop Dalfinus 1. Having visited Rome and fulfilled his desires, he returned to Dalfinus 1 at Lyon, who adopted him as his son and made him cleric. Wilfrid 2 would have stayed with his benefactor, but Balthild 1 sent people to kill the archbishop. Wilfrid 2, ready to die with Dalfinus 1, was nevertheless saved at the last moment and sent back to England.
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