Event: Appointment - ecclesiastical, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of priest, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Death/dying, Deposition of bishop, Grant and Gift, Restoration to bishopric, RetirementWilfrid 2.episcopal consecration

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Description When Wilfrid 2 discovered that Chad 1 had been appointed to his see, her retired to Ripon for three years, acting as a priest. He was often called in by Wulfhere 1 king of the Mercians, who gave him a site called Lichfield on which to build a cathedral or a monastery. He was honoured with equal generosity by Ecgberht 3 king of Kent; and when Ecgberht 3 summoned him there Wilfrid 2 advanced many of his subjects up the grades of church preferment. One was Putta 1, whom he made a priest (later Theodore 1 promoted him to be bishop of Rochester). When Theodore 1 arrived to England, he saw that the canons had been flouted, and he degraded Chad 1, whose long-suffering touched Wilfrid 2's heard; by his help, Chad 1 was advanced for a second time though all the degrees and installed as bishop of Lichfield. At York Wilfrid 2 repaired and rebuilt a church built long ago by King Edwin 2; he also had a church built in Ripon. To its consecration were invited the brother kings Ecgfrith 4 and Ælfwine 4. For their father Oswiu 1 had died meanwhile, and it was they who endowed the place with vast estates.
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