Event: Confirmation, Injury and wounding, Meeting, Miracle, Monastic life, converting to/joining/oblation, PrayingWilfrid 2.miracles

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Description Wilfrid 2, on entering the village of Tiddanefre, was met by a large group of women offering children for confirmation. Among them was Anonymous 131 who offered her son [Eadwald 4] as if he was still alive, hoping that her trick would bring him back to life. Wilfrid 2 discovered her deceit, but, moved by her tears and determination, he prayed over the child, placed his right hand over the corpse and brought him back to life. This boy [Eadwald 4] later became a monk of Ripon. A similar miracle happened at Hexham. A monk [Bothelm 1] fell from the top of the church, which was being built, and had all his bones broken. But the bishop [Wilfrid 2] called the monks to prayer, and the broken bones knitted together, and the patient regained his strength.
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