Event: Battle, Conquest, Death/dying, Flight, Killing/murderEcgfrith 4.successful battles

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Description King Ecgfrith 4 expanded his kingdom into the territory of the Picts, and maintained it against the Mercians. For the Picts [Anonymi 321], on the death of king Oswiu 1, made light of the infant reign, and they combined in an unprovoked attack on the Northumbrians. Accompanied by the sub-king Beornhæth 1, the royal youth [Ecgfrith 4] went to meet them and with his small force annihilated them completely. Wulfhere 1 too, king of the Mercians, led an army [Anonymi 323] against the Northumbrians, recalling with resentment how they had killed his father [Penda 1]. But fortune did not favour him - hardly more that it had favoured his father; but he did live to turn tail in shameful retreat. Not many days later he died, part of his lands passing to the king of the Northumbrians. As a result of these successes, Wilfrid 2's estates were enlarged, and churches established with many monks.
Year 670 x 675
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