Event: Advice/counsel, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Assistance, Baptism, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Confirmation of land/privileges, Conspiracy/intent to murder, Conversion, Exile, Flight, Governing, Grant and Gift, Hiding/harbouring/sanctuary, Killing/murder, Marriage, Mission/mission-sending, Pastoral activities/preaching, Peace agreement, Writ-issuing/sendingWilfrid 2.exile in southern kingdoms

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Description So Wilfrid 2 was driven out from his native soil, and headed for Wessex. There he was taken in by a nobleman called Beorhtwald 3. But Æthelred 2, Beorhtwald 3’s lord and uncle, commanded him not to harbour Wilfrid 2: this was to curry favour with Ecgfrith 4, whose sister Osthryth 1 had married Æthelred 2 to solace him for the murder of his brother Ælfwine 4, cementing peace between husband and brother. Wilfrid 2 had already founded a little monastery in Wessex; but he left his monks [Anonymi 403] behind and fled to the South Saxons. There he won over King Æthelwalh 1, his queen [Eafe 1] and their people through his preaching, baptizing many them and becoming the bishop of Selsey. At this time Cædwalla 1 had been driven from Wessex by a conspiracy of the nobles. He often turned to Wilfrid 2 for advice, and the holy man was quick to give him solace, offering him and his men cavalry and money. Angry and resentful with everyone, Cædwalla 1 killed Æthelwalh 1 when by some ill chance he confronted him. Taking control of Wessex, he put Wilfrid 2 in charge of the kingdom as lord and master; he gave him vast properties in the Isle of Wight, and was happy to confirm his previous possessions by grant of an edict.
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