Event: Absolution, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Confession, Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Death/dying, Embassy, Grant and Gift, Meeting, Restoration of land/property, Restoration to bishopricTheodore 1.restoring bishopric to Wilfrid 2

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Description Theodore 1 was nearing his death, and feeling remorse for his sin against Wilfrid 2 he summoned both him and Bishop Eorcenwald 1 to London. He confessed his sins before the two bishops, asking Wilfrid 2 to forgive him and to accept his archbishopric in his place. Wilfrid 2 would not agree to take over the archbishopric without a decision in a higher council. Theodore 1 did everything to ensure that Wilfrid 2 receives his bishopric back, sending envoys to Aldfrith 1 king of the Northumbrians, Ecgfrith 4's successor, to his sister Ælfflæd 2 abbess of Whitby, and to Æthelred 2 king of the Mercians. When Aldfrith 1, who had known Wilfrid 2 well in the past, received the archbishop's letter, he granted him the monastery at Hexham and then, on the decision of his council, the bishopric of York and the monastery of Ripon.
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