Event: Charter-witnessing, Grant and Gift, Property-exchangingS1798 - Mildburg 1 and Æthelheah 14 exchanging lands

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Description Æthelheah 14, abbot of Icheanog (? Iken, Suffolk), and to the nun Mildburg 1; grant of 97 manentes at Wimnicas (Much Wenlock, Salop), 12 hides by the river Monnow, at 5 hides at Marund, Herefords., and 30 hides in the district called Lydas (? Lyde, Herefords.). In return Mildburg 1 granted Abbot Æthelheah 14 and Abbess Leubswith 1 [Liobsynde] 60 hides at Hampton, Salop..
Year 675 x 690
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First she [Mildburg 1] acquired this place called Wimnicas by the joint consent of two parties to whom authority over the place belonged. That is to say, I gave to the worshipful abbot Edelheg [Æthelheah 14] and to the religious abbess Liobsynde [Leubswith 1], in exchange for the aforesaid place, an estate of 60 hides at the place called Hampton; and the abbot, for confirmation of this exchange, caused a charter to be written for me: In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, I, Edelheag [Æthelheah 14], abbot of the monastery of Icheanog, with the consent of the whole household of Abbot Botwulf 1 of holy memory, give to the consecrated virgin Mildburg 1 an estate of 97 hides [manentes] in the place called Wimnicas, and in another place, by the River Monnow, an estate of 12 hides, and in another place named Magana an estate of 5 hides, and in the district called Lydas an estate of 30 hides, to be forever at her own disposal, so that in accordance with the monastic rule of life she may have full power, living or dying, to bestow the land on any one she may choose, but on condition that the aforesaid place shall by the grace of God remain unalterably under the tutelage of the church of the worshipful Abbot Botwulf 1, not under compulsion but of its own accord, since it is with the money [pecunia] of that same church that the land is being purchased from the king named Merewalh 2.

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