Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of king, Bequeathing/will-making, Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Disputing/dispute-settling, Reconciliation, Restoration of land/property, Restoration to bishopricWilfrid 2.council in Northumbria

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Description When Osred 1 son of Aldfrith 1 was given his proper place on the throne, the most loyal and influential of his magnates, Beorhtfrith 3, agreed on the prompting of Archbishop Beorhtwald 6 to hold a council in Northumbria, so that Wilfrid 2's just cause might be brought to a peaceable conclusion at last. At this meeting, in accordance with the pope's [John 17] command, the bishops [from Anonymi 388] were given the choice either to yield Wilfrid 2 his part of the see, or to go to Rome to uphold their case. Anyone who thought fit not to comply would be excommunicate. The bishops made objections as was their wont, but the blessed Ælfflæd 2, sister of Aldfrith 1 and Hild 1's successor as abbess of Whitby, settled the matter by referring to her brother's deathbed request to have Wilfrid 2 restored. Beorhtfrith 3 also suggested that they should obey the pope's commands. The grave bishops hurried to embrace each other, and they preserved lifelong concord. Wilfrid 2 was given back control of two monasteries, Ripon and Hexham.
Event Title Council of Nidd (706)/
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