Event: Alms-giving, Bequeathing/will-making, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Diocese-visiting, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, VisitWilfrid 2.division of his property

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Description Frequent illness made Wilfrid 2 well aware of his nearing death, he appointed heads for all the houses, and divided his treasure into four parts. A quarter, and that the finest, was to be given to the church on Rome. Another quarter he gave to the poor, the third to the heads of the monasteries. The fourth quarter went to those who had in person shared his troubles but had not yet received lands to support them. So, taking leave of the monks of Ripon, always his special favourites, and the rest of the Northumbrians, he set out to speak with Ceolred 1 king of the Mercians, who had invited him, and also to see to the peaceful progress of his monasteries, so many of which he had with the king's blessing founded in that district. There he went round every property making improvements. But he was shaken by the onset of illness at Oundle and realized his end was near.
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