Event: Deposition of bishop, Flight, Journey, Pallium-despatch/receipt/request, Papal advice/audience/decision/privilege, Restoration to bishopric, Theft/attempted theftEaldred 37.journey to Rome

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Description Making use of his money and the innocent nature of King Edward 15, Ealdred 37 took on the archbishopric of York without giving up Worcester. After arranging matters with the King, he proceeded to Rome with Giso 1 of Wells and Walter 2 of Hereford, together with Tosti 2, earl of the Northumbrians. Pope Nicholas 2 gave the earl a gracious welcome, and made him sit at his side at a synod he had convoked against simony. Ealdred 37 was found guilty of simony and stripped of his honours. On their way back the English party was attacked by robbers, lost all their property and fled to Rome. Tosti 2 urged Nicholas 2 either to use his authority and return their property, or to restore pallium to Ealdred 37. The pope did the latter but he laid down that Worcester should have its own bishop.
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