Event: Journey, Miracle, Penance, PilgrimageEcgwine 1.journeys

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Description Bede 1 is for some reasons silent on Ecgwine 1, particularly as he went to Rome with Cenred 2 king of the Mercians and Offa 5 king of the East Angles, a visit that our historian did speak of. If we are to believe the old story, Ecgwine 1 once, knowing himself guilty of sins in his youth, shackled his feet and threw the keys into the river, proclaiming to all and sundry that he would only feel free of his sins when the shackles were unlocked, either by a miracle or with the actual keys. He went to Rome in this state, and came back unscathed. But while he was crossing the strait between Gaul and England, a monster of a fish leapt into the ship carrying the bishop and was trapped there thanks to the valiant efforts of the sailors. They gutted it, and found in its liver a key, which when applied to the lock of the fetters freed the saint, greatly relieving his conscience.
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