Event: Confiscation, Death/dying, Hostility, Journey, Relics-collecting/depositing/granting, ResidenceEmma 2.journey to Normandy

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Description Queen Emma 2, on the death of king Æthelred 32, had gone over to join her brother [Richard 2] to Normandy. While staying in Rouen, she purchased the relics of St Ouen. On her return to England, she presented the body to Canterbury, while privily keeping the head. Years later, when her son Edward 15 had come to the throne, memories of the past provoked the king's heart against his mother; for she had been all to niggardly with her son when he was in his tender years. So he now commanded the expropriation of all her property, including the shrine housing the saint's head, which was eventually given to the monastery of Malmesbury.
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