Event: Grant and Gift, Writ-issuing/sendingBates32 - writ of William 1 in favour of Bury St Edmunds

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Description King William 1 informs Richard 5 son of Count Gilbert and R 1 the sheriff that he has granted Beorhtwulf 14ís land to Abbot Baldwin 5 and the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds in perpetuity. He orders them to do justice to Abbot Baldwin 5 regarding Peter 11 de Valognes and regarding all those who had done him an injustice since the king crossed the sea. They should reseise Frodo 1ís men in Buxhall (Suffolk) who have been disseised by the men of Count Eustace 1, and afterwards, if they make any claims, do justice between them.
Year 1066 x 1077
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