Event: Charter-witnessing, Grant and Gift, Journey, MarriageBates150 - William 1 granting to Ghent, St Peter's

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Description King William 1 grants to the abbey of Saint-Pierre au Mont-Blandin of Ghent and to Abbot Everelm 1 the manor of Lewisham, with everything belonging to it, namely East Greenwich, Woolwich, Mottingham and Coombe, Kent, as they were granted by King Edward 15 and, long before, by ∆lfthryth 5, a member of the royal kingdred, whom Count Baldwin 2 the Bald of Flanders took from England as his wife. William 1 also grants nearby lands within his forest which is called Andred (i.e. the Weald), namely Ashour in cowden, Ivelands, Wickenden, Shernden in Edenbridge and Sandherste (which comprised Wickens and The Moat in Cowden) to repair the houses belonging to the abbey. Within London, he grants the land given by King Edward 15, namely part of Warmansacre with the wharf which belongs to it, and with its fairs, markets, stalls and shops, and its revenues with customs, rights, toll and wharf-dues.
Year 1081
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