Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Death/dyingChad 1.episcopal consecration

Scholarly Info
Description Oswiu 1 sent Chad 1 to Kent to be consecrated bishop of York. But when they arrived there they found that Deusdedit 1 had died and no one else had been consecrated archbishop. Thus, they went to the kingdom of the West Saxons where Wine 1 consecrated Chad 1.
Year 664
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*Bede 1 seems to imply that Oswiu 1 apparently appointed Chad 1 in Wilfrid 2's place. @Colgrave & Mynors, pp. 316-17, n. 2: it may be that Chad 1 was appointed to assist rather than replace Wilfrid 2. *Chad 1's consecration could certainly not have been considered satisfactory by the Roman party.

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