Event: Confirmation of land/privileges, Grant and Gift, Property-exchanging, Writ-issuing/sendingBates277 - writ of William 1 in favour of Stow, St Mary's

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Description King William 1 notifies his bishops and all his faithful men throughout England that he has confirmed the gift by Earl Leofric 49 and his wife Godgifu 2 to the church of St Mary of Stow, namely Newark, Fledborough, Notts., and the wapentake of Well, with everything belonging to it. In addition, he has granted the church of Eynsham with the lands it currently possesses to Stow, at the request of Bishop Remigius 1, on the condition that an abbot shall be created there on William 1ís advice, who shall deal wisely with the affairs of the churches. The abbey shall remain in William 1ís lordship like others in England. And so that there will be no claim brought against the abbey, William 1 has granted Sleaford, Lincs., to the bishopric of Lincoln in exchange for the altar of Stow and 4 carucates of land which belong to the bishopric. This was done by the counsel and witness of Archbishop Lanfranc 1.
Year 1070 x 1087
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