Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Ecclesiastical reformTheodore 1.council of Hertford

Scholarly Info
Description Theodore 1 summoned a council of bishops together with many teachers of the church. After Theodore 1's preliminary discourse, they all approved the book of canons laid down by the holy fathers at the Council of Chalcedon. Then Theodore 1 pointed out some specific chapters which deserved special attention. They drew up ten canons.
Event Title Council of Hertford (672 or 673)/
Year 672 x 673
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 24 September, in the third year of Ecgfrith 4's reign


*At v.24 Bede 1 says the council took place in 673. *Bede 1 quotes from the text of the decisions of the synods. *All the participants ratified the decisions by attaching their own signature.

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