Event: Agreement, Confraternity, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, Request, VisitAgreement between Old Minster and New Minster, Winchester

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Description This agreement was established between Old Minster and New Minster, as I [Edwin 49] myself heard it (i.e. the agreement) when I was young. Our lord St Æthelwold 1 was lying sick, and the holy Dunstan 1 came to him from Canterbury to visit him. And our superior, Abbot Æthelgar 8, went there, and monks with him, namely Boia 4 the old, and Ælfric 150 the prior, and Ælfnoth 46 the painter, and Ælfwine 54 who is now abbot. And there came monks from Old Minster, namely Ealdwig 3, and Wulfstan 61 the precentor, and Godwine 69 the prior, and many others with him. Then Boia 4 the old monk arose, knelt before St Æthelwold 1, and prayed him that he would establish good regulations between the two minsters in the monks’ days, just as Bishop Frithestan 1 had established in the priests’ days: namely, that the two communities should be one in every divine service; and that was to say, if any priest died in either foundation, they should come all together and bury the body and perform all the services that belong to God; and on the day of the consecration of the church, in Old Minster, the priest from New Minster should come to Old Minster, and be present there at vespers and at nocturns and at mass and at refection; and the priests from Old Minster should come to New Minster on St Judoc’s day just in the same way. And if there were misconduct on the part of any priest in either monastery, he should not go anywhere but he should seek his neighbours and they would intercede for him. When St Æthelwold 1 heard this, lo, he decreed that it should so be now in his time and in that of the monks; and he pronounced the curse of God on all those who should ever undo this. And he gave as a token that the agreement should stand firm, two brown copes, one to Old Minster, and a second to New Minster.
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