Event: Appointment of eorl, Exile, Killing/murder, OutlawingOswulf 37.put in charge of Northumbria

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Description After Tosti 2 was exiled from Northumbria and outlawed on account of his extreme violence, Edward 15 entrusted the earldom to the care of Edwin 33 and Morcar 3, who, in turn, put the son of earl Eadwulf 44, brother of Ealdred 52, called Oswulf 37, in charge of the part of the earldom between Tyne and Tweed. After that Copsi 1 received the earldom from king William 1 and exiled Oswulf 37, but he gathered his men and killed Copsi 1 by a church entrance in Newburn. Just a few months later, however, he himself was run through by the spear of a bandit and died.
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