Event: Agreement, Charter-witnessing, ConfraternityWitnessing confraternity agreement between Worcester, Evesham, Chertsey, Bath, Pershore, Winchcombe, Gloucester

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Description Confraternity agreement between Bishop Wulfstan 55, Æthelwig 15, abbot of Evesham, Wulfwald 1, abbot of Chertsey, Ælfsige 91, abbot of Bath, Edmund 30, abbot of Pershore, Ralph 22, abbot of Winchcombe, Serlo 1, abbot of Gloucester, and Ælfstan 81, dean of Worcester.
Year 1077
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In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is that Bishop Wulfstan, in the name of the Lord, has advised with his beloved brethren who are true to him before God and before the world. That then is first: Æthelwig [Ægelwig] abbot of Evesham, and Wulfwold [Wulfwold] abbot of Chertsey, and Ælfsige [Ælfsige] abbot of Bath, and the borthers, and Edmund [Eadmund] abbot of Pershore, and Ralph abbot of Winchcombe, and Serlo abbot of Gloucester, and Ælfstan [Ælfstan], dean of Worcester. That is, that we will be earnestly obedient to God, and St Mary and St Benedict, and direct ourselves as near as we nearest may to the right, and be, as it is written, quasi cor unum et anima una. And we will be faithful to our temporal lord King William, and to Matilda the lady, before God and before the world. And we have deliberated among ourselves for the need of our souls and of all the brothers’ who are subjected to us, who are of monastic order ...

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