Event: Building construction/restoration, Education/teaching, Healing, MiracleJohn 18. healing of Anonymous 263

Scholarly Info
Description John 18 asked his followers to find some poor man to have with them and to benefit from their charity. They found a dumb youth (Anonymous 263), for whom they built a little hut. John 18 told the youth to put his tongue out. He made the sign of the holy cross on his tongue and told him to say something. When the youth had repeated the names of the letters after the bishop, the latter added syllables and words for the youth to repeat after him. Then the bishop taught him to say longer sentences.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source on the second Sunday of Lent.


*John 18 with a few others very often used to devote himself to prayer and reading in this oratory, which was about a mile and a half from the church at Hexham.

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