Event: Agreement, Death/dying, Disputing/dispute-settling, Grant and Gift, Marriage, Property-exchangingDispute concerning land in Rutland

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Description Godgifu 6, a widow, gave Ryhall and Belmesthorpe, Rutland, to Peterborough. She later married Earl Siweard 11 of Northumbria. After her death, Siweard 11 asked Abbot Leofric 23 and the brethren if he could hold Ryhall and Belmesthorpe (which she had granted to the community) for his lifetime. After Siweard 11ís death, there was an agreement between Abbot Leofric 23 and Waltheof 2, Siweard 11ís son, in the presence of King Edward 15. The abbot gave Waltheof 2 5 gold marks, and in return the latter ceded Belmesthorpe (on the kingís orders) but was allowed to retain Ryhall for his lifetime. He failed to fulfil this agreement, but later repented and promised that the land would be returned on his death.
Year 1030 x 1076
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See Kelly, Peterborough, no. 26.

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