Event: Ascetic practices/fasting/resisting temptation, Baptism, Blessing, Disobedience, Healing, Horse-using/giving/acquisition/riding, Injury and wounding, Pastoral activities/preaching, PrayingJohn 18.healing of Herebald 1

Scholarly Info
Description John 18, Herebald 1 and others came upon a road suitable for galloping their horses. Although John 18 had ordered Herebald 1 not to take part in the game, he could not resist and began to race. But when his horse took a great leap, he fell and hit a stone with his head. His thumb was broken and his skull fractured. On the following day, the bishop went to visit him and blessed him, after spending the whole night in vigil and prayer. He asked him whether he had been baptized and when he heard the name of the priest who had baptized him, he said that he had not been perfectly baptized. Then the bishop started catechizing him and breathed him upon his face. Herebald 1 immediately felt better.
Primary Source Info
Date from Source While Herebald 1, John 18 and others were on a journey


*The miracle is told by Herebald 1 in the first person.

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