Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Election of bishop, Oath-swearing/fealtyCuthbert 1.made bishop

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Description During the reign of Ecgfrith 4, Archbishop Theodore 1 of York and all the people, be common counsel and with one accord, acclaimed St Cuthbert 1 to be bishop of Hexham. He, however, resisted this in every way, asserting himself to be a sinner and unworthy of the bishopric, confining himself most strictly on his island. Then King Ecgfrith 4 and Archbishop Theodore 1 and the whole people gathered in a synod decreed by common counsel that, whether he wished it or not, they would take him from the island and install him in the bishopric. And so it was done. Seized indeed by the people, he was taken to the vill which is called Alne, near the city of York. Having there accepted an oath of fealty from all, he was ordained by Archbishop Theodore 1. There were seven bishops at his ordination: Chad 1 and Cedd 1 and four (sic) other holy bishops. The same day Eata 2, bishop of Lindisfarne, and St Cuthbert 1, in common counsel with King Ecgfrith 4 and the archbishop and those seven bishops and all the magnates, exchanged their sees. Thus Eata 2 sat at Hexham and saintly Cuthbert 1, on account of his previous monastic life there, obtained the bishop's seat at Lindisfarne.
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Chad and Cedd would have been dead for twenty-one and fourteen years respectively.

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